The Glasgow Soap Bar


For this project I imagined a small, high quality, artisan soap company called the Glasgow Soap Bar. The aim was to design packaging for a range of scented soap that would convey a strong brand identity. I wanted the packaging to convey the high quality of the ingredients and therefore the freshness and purity of the products, as well as making the product distinctive and recognisable on the shelf.

The designs

Almond & Vanilla
Front of Vanilla and Almond soap packagingBack of Almond and Vanilla packaging designMockup of Almond and Vanilla packaging design
Pink Grapefruit
Front of Pink Grapefruit soap packaging designBack of Pink Grapefruit soap packaging designMockup of Pink Grapefruit soap packaging design
Front of Coconut soap packaging designBack of Coconut soap packaging designMockup of Coconut soap packaging design

How I created the solution.


I created a design structure that is consistent across all of the company's products in order to maximise brand recognition, even at a glance. At the centre of the design is a label with all the key information. Surrounding the label are illustrations showing the main ingredients of each scent. For the illustrations, I kept the style consistent across the designs and used only a few different elements in each layout to convey simplicity and elegance.


I chose relatively vivid colours to make the designs vibrant and stand out on the shelf. However, instead of making them overly bright, I kept the saturation restrained to convey a sense of subtlety. I also kept the colour palettes of each design relatively limited and chose colours that worked well with each other to create an overall sense of harmony.


For this project I kept to a single typeface for the front of the box. I chose Masqualero for its characterful design. It is a serif type face, which conveys a sense of timelessness. I also chose it for its interesting details and uniqueness, which helps to comunicate the artisan quality of the brand.