Take One Action Film Festival


Take One Action nurtures communal exploration of the stories, ideas and questions at the heart of positive social change. Through film screenings, conversation and enquiry, we bring people together to inspire a fairer, more sustainable and more fulfilling world, in Scotland and beyond our borders. Established in 2008, Take One Action are an Edinburgh-based, independent charity founded by film lovers, cultural activists and globally concerned citizens who believe that shared cinematic experience can catalyse lasting change. Our annual programme of activities welcomes upwards of 5,000 audience members each year and includes a 12-day festival in Edinburgh and Glasgow, two weekend festivals in Aberdeen and Inverness, a network of local film clubs and a series of individual screenings, talks and training opportunities.

- From the Take One Action website

Take One Action film festival poster

How I created the solution.


I used an image of a protester with her fists raised as the central element of the design to represent the focus on progressive social change. The image comes from Everything Must Fall, one of the films shown in the festival. I used just the image of the woman rather than the whole photograph in order to draw the viewer's eye and create a focal point for the poster - a dramatic image that would be distinctive and evocative.

Protester with fists raised at front of group of demonstrators


For this poster I chose a very limited colour palette of just three colours, aside from the colours in the photogaph and the logo. Using a fuller colour palette would have created too much complexity, whereas the use of a dramatically simple palette in combination with an image creates contrast between the text elements and the image, allowing each to stand out more.


I chose Futura Bold as the main font for the design because of its legibility and boldness. However,  for the “Festival Programme” section, I chose Alverata Semibold to create some contrast between it and the rest of the design.

Alverata Semibold

Futura Bold

Mockup of the poster on a Glasgow Subway platform

Mockup of Take One Action poster on Glasgow Subway platform