Maarten's Garden Services


Maarten's Garden Services is a local gardening business based in Knightswood, Glasgow. As a startup business, the challenge that Maarten faced was increasing his customer base. He commissioned me to create a flyer that could be posted through letter boxes and put up on local notice boards. He wanted the flyer to be gardening themed, attractive and eye catching, in order to grab the attention of potential clients and help him grow his business.

How I created the solution.


The design is made up of two main elements - the text in the middle and the illustration that surrounds it. As the purpose of a flyer is to convey information to the viewer, it was important that the illustration in no way reduced the legibility of the text. Therefore, I designed the layout of the poster so that the illustration formed a border that would visually communicate what Maarten's business is about and frame the text in the middle.


I chose to illustrate this flyer by hand with water colours to give it a more personal touch as compared with a computer drawn illustration. The hand painted illustration reflects the hands-on nature of Maarten's business. Flyers with hand painted illustrations are also relatively unusual and are therefore likely to capture the attention of the viewer more easily.